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Saturday, September 3, 2011

new video - public fuck 27

4 men fucked me in public in about half an hour !! 

divided in 2 videos !!! all man used condoms to fuck me. filmed with 5 cameras divided in 2 long videos "public fuck 26" and "public fuck 27" :

--- man 1(in the video "public fuck 26") : a granddad caught me naked in my car close to a beach. soon he was fucking me. then he received a phone call and after he has finished he continued to fuck me. but then another car was getting close and so he escaped.

--- man 2 (in the video "public fuck 26") : the man of that other car was getting closer in the bushes watching me jerking in my car with the door open. he was standing in a distance so i showed him my ass to let him know what i was looking for. he came to me and gave me a hard fuck. he is a hairy dad in his 50s and after some hot fucking he jerked his cock until he was close to cum and than he rammed his cock up my ass and did unload his cock inside my tight hole.

-- man 3 + 4 (in the video "public fuck 27") : a business man in his 40s was getting closer and so i showed him my ass too. he came to me and fucked me. a man on a motorbike caught us ! the business man escaped in the woods. but the bear of the motorbike was watching me for a while as i still was lying in my car with my legs spread wide open showing him my ass. then he came to me and he jerked his cock. the business man came back and he was playing with the cock and the balls of the bear. the bear fucked me while the business man was watching us ! then the bear stopped fucking me and the business man continued to fuck my ass. he was jerking my cock and fucking me until we both came at the same time ! then the bear continued to fuck me while my cock still was dripping with cum and then he shot his load on my stomach.

>>>> i had such a great time to get fucked by these 4 men in about half an hour !
>>>> i still don't know if i should be proud or ashamed about that. what do you think ??

date of first upload : 02.09.2011 (day/month/year)

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