Monday, May 15, 2017

BRANDNEW VIDEO : public sex 132 (13 minutes) HD video

a married hairy stranger shot a huge load on me at a public car park and i shot my load too ! he caught me some minutes before when i had sex with a hairy daddy (in my other video “public sex 131”). some minutes later he came back and this is where this video started. i was sitting in my car with the door open jerking my cock. this hairy man was standing beside my car. he had a huge boner in his tight spandex pants. then he released his big cock and we jerked our dicks. we had to stop as another completely naked man was walking by with his dog and a car was driving by too. then we was jerking again our cocks. a bicyclist caught us and was driving by but this time he did not stop jerking. seconds later he shot a huge load on me and i shot a big load too ! the stranger just turned around and was walking away. so i ended up with two huge loads all over my belly ! filmed with 6 cameras. HD video (1280 x 720 pixel)

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